Subject lines are incredibly powerful. That’s because they are one of the first things that subscribers look at when they receive an email and are trying to decide whether to open it. The subject line is second only to your sender name in importance, as you’d expect with a permission-based channel like email.

Marketers are clearly aware of the power of subject lines, but their efforts are often inconsistent and their results mixed. For instance, subject lines are the most A/B tested email element, according to Litmus’ 2016 State of Email Design. But many of those tests are undermined by wrongly using open rates to determine the winner, rather than deeper metrics like conversions.

Some marketers believe in the power of subject lines so much that they think that:

  • A misleading subject line is worth the gambit to get an open.
  • A great subject line can make up for a lack of permission.
  • If an email isn’t opened, it’s like you never sent it.

Those are just a few of the many subject line myths out there that lead marketers astray.

At the same time, subject line mistakes that distract and confuse subscribers—and are embarrassing for the brand—are too common. We discuss three such subject line mistakes in this slidedeck and share numerous real-world examples.

Marketers must be vigilant, not only protecting their subscribers from bad email experiences but also protecting their brand from embarrassment.

Protect yourself from embarrassing subject line mistakes with Subject Line Checker

Litmus’ Subject Line Checker helps you improve the performance of your emails by ensuring your subject line and preview text are optimized. With real-time previews, you can easily test and view your envelope content in 17+ emails apps and webmail clients before sending to avoid potential issues like unsupported emojis and character count limits.

Subject Line Checker, which is one of the many new features of Litmus Builder, is available in all Litmus accounts. Not a Litmus user? Start a free trial.

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