Technically speaking “The Bloop” was a sound that was heard over 3,000 miles away! Some say that it may be an ice quake created by the calving of a massive iceberg off the Antarctic coast. Others speculate that it could have been made by some gargantuan ocean creature (hence our cute monster logo).

What we love about this story is that The Bloop was a sound that stood out from the rest, an event that got the scientific world buzzing and everyone talking. At the end of the day isn’t this what good marketing is? Standing out from the crowd.

Marketing automation can help you send the right message to the right person at the right time. The Bloop is a UK agency, and we live and breathe marketing automation. We specialise in helping small to medium-sized B2B companies who do not have the expertise or experience in-house, to adopt and benefit from using this technology and not get left behind.

We can provide you with the consultancy you need to help build your marketing automation strategy and/or deliver MAaaS (marketing automation as a service) if you don’t want to manage the technology yourselves.

If you need some help with marketing automation then get in touch for a free, friendly, and impartial chat.